Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome to Wyoming

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This summer, I visited my friend Caroline, who's smart enough to live in one of the more amazing places on this planet, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I've been out west before, and I've seen mountains, but these... these were mountains. The trip was fun; I went camping for the first time, and got to experience some local flavor (such as eating breakfast while watching a guy my age try out his new rifle, while describing how he used an ax he found to chop off the antlers from an elk). Surprisingly, though, it was a difficult trip, photographically. One of the most amazing photos I've ever seen is this picture by Ansel Adams, which pretty much sums up the stunning beauty of the region. The problem is, with pictures like that out there, how can I compete? I decided I wouldn't try, and that I would just enjoy the trip. The pictures I'll be showing over the next week all come from the one afternoon that I took my camera with me.

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