Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Current Desktop

(Click to enlarge)

Today's picture isn't the best I've ever taken, but right now it's my computer's desktop image. I chose this picture for my desktop for specific reasons. Instead of taking a picture of the whole mountain (along with sky and surroundings), this picture captures just a piece of it. Since you're only seeing a piece of the whole scene, it's like you're looking through a window, and you have to extrapolate the rest of the mountain in your imagination. This, I think, makes the mountain seem bigger than it would it look if you saw the whole thing (which is a measly 10,000 feet high). The computer desktop really enhances the "window" effect (no pun intended).

This is, by the way, the view from Rendezvous Mountain, in the Teton Range near Jackson, Wyoming.

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