Saturday, November 6, 2010

Covered Bridge II

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Bath, New Hampshire. I spotted this scene (as if it could be missed) earlier in the day while I was biking. I knew I had to come back later, closer to sunset. You'll notice the sky is dramatically blue; it looks like I had some fun with Photoshop, though I didn't. That sky is due to a polarizing filter on the camera, which eliminates reflections. So, any haze in the atmosphere that would typically result in a less-blue sky are filtered out of this picture. Interestingly, this only works with reflections at a specific angle to the camera, as determined by the position of the filter. Because the lens used was at such a wide focal length (zoomed out), there are LOTS of angles at which light can be reflected into the camera. You can see that the right side of the sky isn't filtered the same way the left side is. I think this makes the picture look a little goofy. What do you think?

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