Thursday, July 2, 2009

Venice I

I found Venice to be a very difficult place to photograph, the reason being that it's just too easy. It would be beautiful enough with just the buildings, and interesting enough with just the canals. So, I got off the train knowing that I wouldn't be the first ever person to photograph the city. I've had some experience photographing the over-photographed, such as my shots of the Peggy's Cove Lighthouse in Nova Scotia, possibly the most photographed site in Canada. For me, I put my own spin on it by capturing a reflection in a tidal pool. Reflections are a good way to put your creative mark on a picture, which is what I tried to do in with this picture. The colors and the lights look better on camera than they did in real life. The silky-smooth water effect is achieved by a long exposure, which is necessary at night. I was with my family, walking home from dinner. The main challenge I faced in taking this was dealing with them complaining every time I'd stop to set up my tripod for another 30-second exposure.
Details: 28mm lens, 30s, f/8.0, 100 ISO.

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